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Flower Care
Flower Care

How to care for your flowers, so you will get the maximum enjoyment.

Highly perishable
Fresh flowers are highly perishable, delicate, and time-sensitive products which require a very different set of conditions than other goods.

Put them in water
The sooner that you put your flowers into water, the longer they will last.

Re-cut stems
The flowers should be re-cut at the stems while submerged in water.

This is important for hollow-stemmed flowers so it will prevent an airlock from forming in the stem which may prevent the flowers from taking water.

Cut at angle
The stems should be cut on an angle, which will create a wider exposed area and allow the flowers to take the maximum amount of water.

Never place your floral arrangements in full sun or over a radiator. This will cause excess water loss from the flowers, and they will wilt very quickly.

For a maximum life span the best place for your flowers is in a cool room.
Clean containers
Always use clean vases or containers. This will prevent any bacteria from ruining the quality of the flowers.

Flower storage
Never use walk in coolers, freezers or home refrigerators as these are not suited to fresh flower storage and can damage your flowers.

Remove leaves
Remove all of the leaves which will be under the water while in the vase.

Leaves that are submerged will rot, thus creating bacteria and shortening the life span of your flowers.

Cange the water
Always add the cut flower food supplied to you by your floral provider, to the water in the vase. An example to an alternative to plant food would be sugar.

Change the water and flower food every three to four days.

Longer lifespan
Our grower fresh flowers are shipped when they are in bud or half open, which is the recommended state to pick flowers.

You will then have the pleasure of seeing them slowly open up, this also increases the life span of your flowers.
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Flower Care
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