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David tutera - We are the Bride show #310

Type:Wedding - David Tutera #310

Date:Saturday, May 29, 2010
Time:1:00pm - 7:00pm
Location:Church Estate Vineyard
6415 Busch Drive
Malibu, CA 90265-3838
Celebration to take place outside - Three table concepts.

One - Six (6) garden gazebos that have round dining tables underneath each one. One gazebo per table. Ivy (large leaf Ivy or foliage to look like outdoor garden foliage) I would like this growing up the gazebo from bottom to top and then a garden style candle lit chandeliers (candles in glass) to be suspended from inside gazebo and over round dining table. The chain of chandeliers dressed in soft fabric to match table cloth and then ivy added. On top and inside I would like to see the floral art three dimension butterflies adding that whimsical touch to this concept.

The round table to be dressed in linens (see linen note below) - the middle of table a lush low floral arrangement in pastel colors of flowers. Lilac, roses, peony, sweet peas, hydrangea NO white. Lavender, soft pink, soft yellow and soft pink. Touches of butterflies added to the florals. The chairs around these table design to be different then the chairs around the other two designs. Garden chairs would be great. Three battery operated tapered candles on sticks for table too with votive candles.

Sweetheart table - a miniature gazebo with same design for bride and groom just covered with an abundance of butterflies.

Two - Four (4) Square tables for them. I would like to have this created with a manicured topiary in the outer corners of table area that then have a boxwood hedge coming off of each topiary. So four topiaries per round table and eight hedges per one round table area. Its like each round table is sitting inside its out manicured garden area. Butterflies to then accent the hedges and topiaries and also the table arrangement. A low beautiful garden style vessel filled with a lush floral as described above. Three tapered battery operated candles on candle sticks and battery operated unique votive candles.

Three - (3) arches filled with Ivy, hydrangeas, roses, in pastel colors of flowers to match tables. These will be set up on the fromt of the stage with the center arch being on the stage and the other 2 on the outside of the stage.

Four - (12) 8 foot tall boxwood topiary's to line the Isle to the center stage, 6 on each side. These are to be filled with butterflies through out the top and bottom. The bride and groom will walk down the isle and be overwhelmed with the topiaries and all of the butterflies.

At the end of the ceramony there will also be a butterfly launch from behind the stage. I want this to be very colorful and a wonderful end to such a great ceramony. The party will then adjourn to the lower level of the Estate for food and beverage.

Lwflowers provided the flowers and Designer Brook Raulerson, AIFD, David Tutera's head floral designer Jessica Pattee, and me (Robert Ashby)to do the florals at Church Estate Vineyard in Malibu California.

The facility at Skyline flower growers and shippers is where all of the preparation of the flowers and bridal party was completed. We delivered them Saturday morning to Church Estate Vineyard and did the arches and tables on site. This was a great event and the flowers were wonderful.

Tutera #310 -prep



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