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Currently 986,576 florist to zipcodes online.

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abbeville Flowers decatur Flowers jasper Flowers pittsview Flowers
abernant Flowers deer park Flowers jefferson Flowers plantersville Flowers
adamsville Flowers delmar Flowers jemison Flowers pleasant grove Flowers
addison Flowers delta Flowers jones Flowers point clear Flowers
adger Flowers demopolis Flowers joppa Flowers prattville Flowers
akron Flowers detroit Flowers kansas Flowers princeton Flowers
alabaster Flowers dickinson Flowers kellerman Flowers quinton Flowers
alberta Flowers dixons mills Flowers kellyton Flowers ragland Flowers
albertville Flowers docena Flowers kennedy Flowers rainbow city Flowers
alexander city Flowers dolomite Flowers kent Flowers rainsville Flowers
alexandria Flowers dora Flowers killen Flowers ralph Flowers
aliceville Flowers dothan Flowers kimberly Flowers ramer Flowers
allgood Flowers double springs Flowers kinston Flowers ranburne Flowers
alma Flowers douglas Flowers knoxville Flowers randolph Flowers
alpine Flowers dozier Flowers laceys spring Flowers range Flowers
alton Flowers duncanville Flowers lafayette Flowers red bay Flowers
altoona Flowers dutton Flowers lanett Flowers red level Flowers
andalusia Flowers east tallassee Flowers langston Flowers reform Flowers
anderson Flowers eastaboga Flowers lapine Flowers remlap Flowers
annemanie Flowers echola Flowers lawley Flowers repton Flowers
anniston Flowers eclectic Flowers leeds Flowers river falls Flowers
arab Flowers edwardsville Flowers leesburg Flowers riverside Flowers
ardmore Flowers eight mile Flowers leighton Flowers roanoke Flowers
ariton Flowers elba Flowers lenox Flowers robertsdale Flowers
arley Flowers elberta Flowers leroy Flowers rockford Flowers
arlington Flowers eldridge Flowers lester Flowers rogersville Flowers
ashford Flowers elkmont Flowers letohatchee Flowers russellville Flowers
ashland Flowers elmore Flowers level plains Flowers rutledge Flowers
ashville Flowers elrod Flowers lexington Flowers ryland Flowers
athens Flowers emelle Flowers lillian Flowers safford Flowers
atmore Flowers empire Flowers lincoln Flowers saginaw Flowers
attalla Flowers enterprise Flowers linden Flowers saint elmo Flowers
auburn Flowers epes Flowers lineville Flowers saint stephens Flowers
auburn university Flowers equality Flowers lisman Flowers salem Flowers
autaugaville Flowers estillfork Flowers little river Flowers samantha Flowers
axis Flowers ethelsville Flowers livingston Flowers samson Flowers
baileyton Flowers eufaula Flowers loachapoka Flowers saraland Flowers
banks Flowers eutaw Flowers lockhart Flowers sardis Flowers
bankston Flowers eva Flowers locust fork Flowers satsuma Flowers
bay minette Flowers evergreen Flowers logan Flowers sawyerville Flowers
bayou la batre Flowers excel Flowers louisville Flowers sayre Flowers
bear creek Flowers fackler Flowers lower peach tree Flowers scottsboro Flowers
beatrice Flowers fairfield Flowers lowndesboro Flowers seale Flowers
beaverton Flowers fairhope Flowers loxley Flowers section Flowers
belk Flowers falkville Flowers luverne Flowers selma Flowers
bellamy Flowers faunsdale Flowers lynn Flowers seminole Flowers
belle mina Flowers fayette Flowers madison Flowers semmes Flowers
bellwood Flowers fitzpatrick Flowers magnolia Flowers shannon Flowers
berry Flowers five points Flowers magnolia springs Flowers sheffield Flowers
bessemer Flowers flat rock Flowers malcolm Flowers shelby Flowers
billingsley Flowers flomaton Flowers malvern Flowers shorter Flowers
birmingham Flowers florala Flowers maplesville Flowers shorterville Flowers
black Flowers florence Flowers marbury Flowers silas Flowers
blountsville Flowers foley Flowers margaret Flowers siluria Flowers
boaz Flowers forest home Flowers marion Flowers silverhill Flowers
boligee Flowers forkland Flowers marion junction Flowers sipsey Flowers
bon air Flowers fort davis Flowers mathews Flowers skipperville Flowers
bon secour Flowers fort deposit Flowers maylene Flowers slocomb Flowers
booth Flowers fort mitchell Flowers mc calla Flowers smiths station Flowers
boykin Flowers fort payne Flowers mc intosh Flowers somerville Flowers
brantley Flowers fort rucker Flowers mc kenzie Flowers spanish fort Flowers
bremen Flowers fosters Flowers mc shan Flowers spring garden Flowers
brent Flowers franklin Flowers mc williams Flowers springville Flowers
brewton Flowers frankville Flowers megargel Flowers spruce pine Flowers
bridgeport Flowers frisco city Flowers melvin Flowers stanton Flowers
brierfield Flowers fruitdale Flowers mentone Flowers stapleton Flowers
brilliant Flowers fruithurst Flowers meridianville Flowers steele Flowers
brooklyn Flowers fulton Flowers mexia Flowers sterrett Flowers
brookside Flowers fultondale Flowers midland city Flowers stevenson Flowers
brookwood Flowers furman Flowers midway Flowers stockton Flowers
brownsboro Flowers fyffe Flowers millbrook Flowers sulligent Flowers
brundidge Flowers gadsden Flowers millerville Flowers sumiton Flowers
bryant Flowers gainestown Flowers millport Flowers summerdale Flowers
bucks Flowers gainesville Flowers millry Flowers sunflower Flowers
buhl Flowers gallant Flowers minter Flowers sweet water Flowers
burnt corn Flowers gallion Flowers mobile Flowers sycamore Flowers
burnwell Flowers gantt Flowers monroeville Flowers sylacauga Flowers
butler Flowers garden city Flowers montevallo Flowers sylvania Flowers
bynum Flowers gardendale Flowers montgomery Flowers talladega Flowers
calera Flowers gaylesville Flowers montrose Flowers tallassee Flowers
calvert Flowers geneva Flowers moody Flowers tanner Flowers
camden Flowers georgiana Flowers mooresville Flowers theodore Flowers
camp hill Flowers geraldine Flowers morris Flowers thomaston Flowers
campbell Flowers gilbertown Flowers morvin Flowers thomasville Flowers
capshaw Flowers glen allen Flowers moulton Flowers thorsby Flowers
carbon hill Flowers glenwood Flowers moundville Flowers tibbie Flowers
cardiff Flowers goodsprings Flowers mount hope Flowers titus Flowers
carlton Flowers goodwater Flowers mount meigs Flowers toney Flowers
carrollton Flowers goodway Flowers mount olive Flowers town creek Flowers
castleberry Flowers gordo Flowers mount vernon Flowers townley Flowers
catherine Flowers gordon Flowers mulga Flowers toxey Flowers
cecil Flowers goshen Flowers munford Flowers trafford Flowers
cedar bluff Flowers grady Flowers muscadine Flowers trenton Flowers
centre Flowers graham Flowers muscle shoals Flowers trinity Flowers
centreville Flowers grand bay Flowers myrtlewood Flowers troy Flowers
chancellor Flowers grant Flowers nanafalia Flowers trussville Flowers
chapman Flowers graysville Flowers natural bridge Flowers tuscaloosa Flowers
chatom Flowers green pond Flowers nauvoo Flowers tuscumbia Flowers
chelsea Flowers greensboro Flowers needham Flowers tuskegee Flowers
cherokee Flowers greenville Flowers new brockton Flowers tuskegee institute Flowers
childersburg Flowers grove hill Flowers new castle Flowers tyler Flowers
choccolocco Flowers groveoak Flowers new hope Flowers union grove Flowers
chunchula Flowers guin Flowers new market Flowers union springs Flowers
citronelle Flowers gulf shores Flowers newbern Flowers uniontown Flowers
clanton Flowers guntersville Flowers newton Flowers uriah Flowers
clay Flowers gurley Flowers newville Flowers valhermoso springs Flowers
clayton Flowers hackleburg Flowers normal Flowers valley Flowers
cleveland Flowers haleyville Flowers northport Flowers valley head Flowers
clinton Flowers hamilton Flowers notasulga Flowers vance Flowers
clio Flowers hanceville Flowers oak hill Flowers vandiver Flowers
clopton Flowers hardaway Flowers oakman Flowers verbena Flowers
cloverdale Flowers harpersville Flowers odenville Flowers vernon Flowers
coaling Flowers hartford Flowers ohatchee Flowers vina Flowers
coden Flowers hartselle Flowers oneonta Flowers vincent Flowers
coffee springs Flowers harvest Flowers opelika Flowers vinegar bend Flowers
coffeeville Flowers hatchechubbee Flowers opp Flowers vinemont Flowers
coker Flowers hayden Flowers orange beach Flowers vredenburgh Flowers
collinsville Flowers hayneville Flowers orrville Flowers wadley Flowers
columbia Flowers hazel green Flowers owens cross roads Flowers wagarville Flowers
columbiana Flowers headland Flowers oxford Flowers walnut grove Flowers
cook springs Flowers heflin Flowers ozark Flowers ward Flowers
coosada Flowers helena Flowers paint rock Flowers warrior Flowers
cordova Flowers henagar Flowers palmerdale Flowers waterloo Flowers
cottondale Flowers higdon Flowers panola Flowers watson Flowers
cottonton Flowers highland home Flowers pansey Flowers wattsville Flowers
cottonwood Flowers hillsboro Flowers parrish Flowers waverly Flowers
courtland Flowers hodges Flowers pelham Flowers weaver Flowers
cowarts Flowers hollins Flowers pell city Flowers webb Flowers
coy Flowers holly pond Flowers pennington Flowers wedowee Flowers
cragford Flowers hollytree Flowers perdido Flowers wellington Flowers
crane hill Flowers hollywood Flowers perdue hill Flowers weogufka Flowers
creola Flowers holy trinity Flowers perote Flowers west blocton Flowers
cropwell Flowers honoraville Flowers peterman Flowers west greene Flowers
crossville Flowers hope hull Flowers peterson Flowers westover Flowers
cuba Flowers horton Flowers petrey Flowers wetumpka Flowers
cullman Flowers houston Flowers phenix city Flowers whatley Flowers
cusseta Flowers huntsville Flowers phil campbell Flowers wilmer Flowers
dadeville Flowers hurtsboro Flowers piedmont Flowers wilsonville Flowers
daleville Flowers huxford Flowers pike road Flowers wilton Flowers
danville Flowers ider Flowers pinckard Flowers winfield Flowers
daphne Flowers irvington Flowers pine apple Flowers wing Flowers
dauphin island Flowers jachin Flowers pine hill Flowers woodland Flowers
daviston Flowers jack Flowers pine level Flowers woodstock Flowers
dawson Flowers jackson Flowers pinson Flowers woodville Flowers
de armanville Flowers jacksons gap Flowers pisgah Flowers york Flowers
deatsville Flowers jacksonville Flowers
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One of the most recognized logos in North America, FTD once was the standard bearer for the floral industry.

For nearly a century, FTD - Florists' Transworld Delivery - had been synonymous with flower quality, value and trust, delivered by a network of professional local brick and mortar flower shops.

FTD Floral
Rather than focusing on delivering a high quality, FTD's lack of customer oriented core values is making shoppers think twice before using FTD - and so should you.

FTD Florists
Through FTD.com, FTD misrepresents what consumers are purchasing by showing photographs of professionally designed arrangements when the flowers will arrive in boxes delivered by courier companies like UPS, FedEx or DHL and require the recipients to assemble their own gifts.
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Find a florist with our FREE online florists directory eliminating the need for expensive wire services, costly service charges, fees and commissions; such as you find with Bloom Net, Blossoms Network, B Brooks, FTD, and Teleflora.

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Would ProFlowers really sell florist-delivered flowers to their customers if they believed their own ads? Since they obviously don't, you shouldn't either. So skip the ProFlowers middleman and call a local florist direct for professionally arranged, grower-fresh flowers.

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We thought ProFlowers had given up that 'fresh from the field' claim after being involved in a couple lawsuits and handing out millions in credit coupons. (read more here).

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There are more florists in more locations in our online florists’ directory than then all Telaflora locations.

Telaflora coupons and Telaflora discounts are not need when you can look up local florists in our online florists’ directory and have your flowers delivered by a local florist that does not have to pay the Telaflora fees and commissions giving your more flowers for your money.

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